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De-risk Your Property and the Environment from Contamination


Providing Personalized Advice for Risk-Based Remediation

At Trillium Environmental, we are dedicated to helping you achieve your goals through cost-effective, accurate, and customized solutions for environmental remediation. Based in Duncan, British Columbia, we offer our consultancy services to our clients throughout Western Canada to help them avoid health risks and costly site remediation.

Technical and Regulatory Expertise

Real estate has seen a surge in demand for thoughtful design and affordable housing. Landowners are seeking viable ways to redevelop urban and suburban land that maximizes community benefits. Trillium Environmental plays a key role in developing and implementing plans to remediate sites cost-effectively and empower property redevelopment projects.

However, site remediation requirements continue to evolve and change, making it challenging to meet the client’s goal. Luckily, we make it a habit to work closely with your selected team of site professionals to overcome any of the technical and regulatory hurdles you may be facing.

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